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About The Artist

Raunak Kapoor is a contemporary artist working as a professional photographer and filmmaker. Born among the crowded society of India, Raunak has spent his life searching for his unique voice. As he was graduating high school with a diploma in science, he fell in love with the medium of photography and decided to base his career around it. After taking a gap year and working in almost every field of photography, including street/travel, landscape, portraiture, product and industrial photography, he was awarded the Kenan excellence award. Thus, Raunak was able to begin his study in film making at University of North Carolina School of the Arts on a full-scholarship. 

As an emerging film maker, Raunak wishes to bring elements from the fields of fine-art photography, painting, and psychoanalysis, into the world of film making in order to make films that are truthful about the human condition. Training in the fields of directing, cinematography and editing, His approach to film making tries to continuously battle the preconceptions set forth by the film making industry and continues to lessen the gap between what it means to be a film maker and a visual artist.

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T- 336-747-3002

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